Consulting services

Dignity Best Practices helps city leadership such as mayors and city administrators, traditional first responders such as police departments and EMTs, and public health teams such as crisis response teams and hospitals to improve the quality of their services, deepen community engagement, and partner with a sense of collective responsibility across agencies in service of vulnerable populations.

Our engagements focus on what matters to your community

Caring for citizens in crisis
  • Integrating your 988 hotlines and mobile crisis teams within 911 call centers
  • Launching and embedding new services, such as mobile crisis, co-responders, and crisis centers, in a healthy first response ecosystem
  • Strengthening hand-offs across the continuum of care so that no individual falls out of the system
Reimagining public safety
  • Offloading non-public safety work from police, 911, and Fire/EMS departments so these responders can focus on what they do best: keeping communities safe
  • Creating a culture of growth in police, 911, and Fire/EMS units to keep long-term reform in motion while honoring our traditional responders
  • Building and supporting non-emergent medical care teams, crisis hotline diversions, and mobile crisis teams that respond to an array of concerns beyond mental health alone
Reducing violence and conflict
  • Building alternative responses to non-violent crime, such as telephone units for non-violent offenses and minor traffic accidents
  • Interrupting cycles of harm by working with experts in mediation, conflict and violence interruption, domestic violence response, sexual violence response to build field-based systems that remove the potential for the escalation of violence
  • Creating opportunities for non-violent dispute resolution and mediation programs for neighbors, family members, and community members where police intervention isn’t needed

Our clients are...

City leadership
The mayor, deputy mayor, city administrator, budget and performance departments, or city council

Traditional first responders
Police departments, fire departments, and EMS departments

Public health partners
Mobile crisis teams, departments of behavioral health, departments of health, clinics, and hospitals

Choose your engagement

A typical consulting engagement with Dignity Best Practices is a six-month to one-year project in which we convene and provide project management services, usually through a weekly cross-agency working group designed to help your teams build something together.

We can also design custom workshops, trainings, community engagement efforts, and research projects to meet your specific needs.

Learn how our services can help your community by contacting us today.

Engagement type 1:
Pilots: Designing and launching new programs

  • Community-informed design
  • Protocols and technology
  • Resourcing and budget
  • Hiring and training
  • Metrics and performance

Engagement type 2:
Program Evaluations: Analyzing gaps

  • Getting clarity on goals and challenges
  • Conducting 360-degree interviews that take full account of teams, clients and communities touching a given issue
  • Analyzing data
  • Performing targeted best practices research
  • Identifying gaps and making recommendations

Engagement type 3:
Program Advancements: Increasing impact

  • Selecting high-impact interventions
  • Planning transitions and resource allocation
  • Aligning teams and partners
  • Following through with iterations and accountability

Engagement type 4:
Training and talent development: Fortifying teams

  • Running training and habit formation workshops
  • Designing teams and budget systems to support your goals
  • Training for talent management and retention
  • Preventing burnout and building in sustainability to support long-term reform
“Dignity Best Practices team members have proven experience, excellent follow through, great organizational skills and the ability to keep contractors on task to accomplish established goals.”
Winnie Moore
Clinical Director, CrisisMind Mobile Crisis Unit
“[Dignity Best Practices has] helped to create the entire pilot program for our Mediation Response Unit. This work was done through collaboration with Police, Fire, Regional Dispatch, City Manager's office, and Mediation Center. They have been to Dayton for community engagement and presentations to our City Commission. Overall, they have been excellent partners. Dan and Sam are knowledgeable, hardworking, and know what they are doing. It seems they are both, genuinely, in this to try to help communities to the best of their abilities.”
Erin Ritter
Human Services Director, City of Dayton, Ohio