Dignity Best Practices

Helping Cities Innovate at the Intersections of Public Safety and Public Health

Services for those who Serve

Dignity Best Practices (DBP) helps local government improve its practices at the intersections of Public Safety and Public Health.

Clients – we work individually and collaboratively with the following agency partners:

  • City Leadership   (Mayor, Deputy Mayor, City Administrator, Budget & Performance, Council)
  • Traditional First Responders   (Police Departments and Fire & EMS Departments)
  • Public Health Partners   (Mobile Crisis Teams, Departments of Behavioral Health, Departments of Health, Clinics and Hospitals)

Our Insight: “It’s not the what, it’s the how.”

Local government successes in serving vulnerable populations are sustained not primarily by emphasis on the “what” (which response model is chosen), but instead rest on the “how” (strong relationships between actors, effective implementation of core practices, commitment to the spirit of the model, measurement of real results, and ongoing iteration) and the “who” (staying connected to the dignity of those being served).

Dan Kornfield

Where We Can Help:

  • Crisis Response: Improve mental health crisis and homelessness response, including Jail & Emergency Department diversion
  • Reimagining Public Safety: Plan, launch, and improve safe and effective alternatives to conventional response to 911 calls
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration: Build collaborations between social workers, firefighter EMTs, medical professionals, and police officers
  • Violence Reduction: Help repeat violent offenders change the course of their lives through restorative justice and focused deterrence
  • Community Engagement: Increase community awareness, involvement, and buy-in around your change efforts
  • Money and Results: Design effective budgeting, data, metrics, and performance management strategies for new or existing cross-agency efforts

Next Steps

To learn more about how Dignity Best Practices can support your agency or city, contact us at daniel.kornfield@dignitybestpractices.org.

We would also love to hear from you if you have experience-based insights to share.

About DBP

Dignity Best Practices (DBP) works at the intersection between public safety and behavioral health to help cities meet an urgent demand for innovation with well-grounded practices that yield results. 

Focus areas: Dignity helps city agencies in challenging areas of focus including mental health crisis response, gun violence reduction, jail diversion, community involvement, collaborations between social workers, firefighter EMTs, medical professionals, and police officers, and alternatives to conventional police and/or ambulance response.

Method: Dignity is a non-profit research and consulting organization that helps cities learn from each other at the agency level, about new initiatives and the essential lessons in their successes and failures. The goal is to implement effective practices that elevate human dignity, build public trust, and yield measurable improvements in outcomes for our agencies and residents.

DBP’s Founder: Dan Kornfield

Consultant, Best-Practices Research Leader, Senior Budget Analyst, Police Officer

Dan Kornfield has led best-practices research, benchmarking, and consulting teams at Corporate Executive Board and Frontier Strategy Group, serving executives within large enterprises. 

In 2016 he pivoted to work with city governments, to help them pioneer their practices in public safety.  He has served in Washington DC as a Senior Budget Analyst in the Office of the City Administrator, as a sworn reserve Police Officer and as Supervisor of the Research and Analytical Services Branch within the Metropolitan Police Department.

Engagements and Workshops Include:

Gap AssessmentsChange EngagementsCross-Agency Workshops
– Challenge and Solution Assessment
– The Full Picture: Research Interviews
– Lessons Learned from other Cities
– Practical Advice and Next Steps
– Aligning the Pieces You Already Have
– Let’s Do This!: Change Management
– Always Improving: Quarterly Iteration
– Reimagining Public Engagement
– The Keys to Your Model’s Success
– On the Same Page: Strategy and KPIs
– Working from the Heart: Full Integrity
– Pre-Mortem: What Could Go Wrong?
20-60 hours of work2-3 months of work20-60 hours of work

We are also happy to create custom engagements that do not match the above, and to bid on projects that your city is posting for competitive bidding for consulting services.